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Civil War Reenacting

We are a diverse group of men and women civil war re-enactors, who share a common interest in the Civil War and history. Our goal is to accurately recreate the camp life and existence of the average soldier who fought for the Union in the Civil War. We also portray civilians who supported the military in camp life.

We attend battle re-enactments, living history events, parades and other civic and school activities in Connecticut, New England, and throughout the USA.

We are dedicated to authentically portraying the 79th in a fun and safe manner. We recognize this is a hobby as well as a life's passion and we try to act accordingly. We strive to leave the "politics" of reenacting to other groups.

Most of our members are located in Connecticut and New York, but we have members from 6 different states. We continually strive to improve our impressions through research, reading and new experiences.

If you would like more information or are interested in joining our fun organization, please contact us on our recruiting page. Or just view our other informative web pages.

You can contact us at 79th New York.